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Medical Physician | Founder & CEO of PDP Health

Efrain Gonzalez is the founder of PDP Health, one of Puerto Rico’s largest health maintenance organizations. PDP is a clinic that helps people in need. PDP’s patients are predominantly on health insurance plans that provide little to no cost and are widely available to people in need. PDP has made a huge impact by helping those in impoverished communities get the healthcare they need.

Efrain Gonzalez attended high school in Puerto Rico. He then moved to Long Island, New York, where he attended Hofstra University. Following this, Efrain returned to Puerto Rico and attended medical school at the Universidad Central. He was able to follow his dreams of medical school in Puerto Rico thanks to a federal company called Public Health. The government funded his education on the condition that he stuck with it for at least three years, but Efrain loved the medical field so much that he stayed with it for good– and he has never regretted it. In honor of those opportunities that were provided to him when he could not afford them himself, Gonzalez now gives back to the community by providing healthcare for those in need.

After Efrain completed his time at Universidad Central, he moved to New York for a residency. After working on-site in numerous hospitals, Gonzalez returned to Puerto Rico. It was at this point that Efrain took the big step of founding his own practice. Gonzalez created PDP, where he would work half-days and spend the other half days working exclusively with people who who were in the most desperate need of care.

The one thing that makes PDP unique is that you can find everything in one clinic. Some of types of practices found in this clinic include gynecologists, internal medicine, family practice, general practitioner, and even dentists.


Efrain currently lives in Rocklin, California with his wife and children. A proud family man, he spends most of his time with his family. They enjoy attending church together or just relaxing at home.

Efrain is also enthusiastic about politics. He gets a good deal of his news from social media but also watches Bill O’Reilly, CNN and Fox News. He is particularly interested in the way that politics affect the division of healthcare among populations around the world.

Efrain has 15 years of surgical experience and he brings his core values of honesty and integrity to his work as a physician and founder of PDP Health.