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Scared of Getting Arthritis? Here’s How to Keep it at Bay

Arthritis can’t always be prevented. Sometimes, arthritis will develop simply because of your gender, as women are more prone to getting arthritis. Sometimes, you will develop arthritis because of your age. Other times, you will develop arthritis because of your genes. However, there are plenty of ways to delay getting arthritis or even prevent it entirely.

According to Stephanie Watson of, reviewed by George Krucik, MD, MBA, “A study in Annals of the Rheumatic Diseases found that women who eat fish regularly may be at lower risk for rheumatoid arthritis. The USDA recommends eating fish high in omega-3s—like salmon, trout, mackerel, and sardines—twice a week.” Fascinating, isn’t it? Eating a diet full of specific foods can increase your likelihood of health and wellness against arthritis.

Knees are particularly at risk for arthritic pain. Your knees can go from having thirty pounds of force to sixty pounds of force on them when walking by having just an overall weight gain of ten pounds. Overtime, this greatly increases the stress on your knees, increasing the likelihood of arthritis. By exercising and eating healthy, the two simple steps we hear all the time, we can lose weight and increase our control over our bodies’ abilities to develop arthritis.

Although exercise is highly recommended to control weight and improve the strength of your joints, it is vital to make sure you use the proper form and equipment to keep yourself safe during times of exercise. The reason for this is because injury to joints can cause cartilage to wear out more quickly. Protecting your joints will keep arthritis at bay. If you are sitting, keep your knees bent at a ninety degree angle and support your wrists with a gel pad as you type and use a mouse. Use a pad to provide lumbar support and watch your posture so that you are not slouching. If you are exercising, make sure to consult a trainer so that he/she can show you how to use equipment in a way that will be lower impact on your joints.

This next tip may be your favorite trick for delaying arthritis. One study showed that women who drink moderate amounts of alcohol each day have a reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis. There is no proof that it prevents arthritis, but drinking alcohol has been shown to provide some support to your health. So, there is no harm in drinking one glass a day for women or two glasses a day for men. Watson goes on to say that “The damage from arthritis is progressive, meaning that the longer you wait to seek treatment, the more destruction will occur to the joint. Your doctor may be able to suggest treatments or lifestyle interventions that can slow the progress of your arthritis and preserve your mobility.” These are important factors to remember moving forward. Remember, the earlier you seek help, the better your chances are of good health and decreased pain!